Oral Motor Therapy

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Oral Motor Therapy

Oral Motor Therapy | Pediatric Speech-Language Services, LLC - Westfield, NJ

Kids with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) have problems saying actual word sounds. With CAS, the problem is not identified as a weakness of any particular muscles or any kind of paralysis, but with a problem that the brain has with processing the movement of the specific body parts – jaw, lips and tongue - needed for effective speech. A child with CAS, a motor speech disorder, knows what he or she wants to say, yet his or her brain has trouble coordinating the various muscle movements needed to articulate those words. This can be very frustrating.

Children with CAS typically have the best outcomes when professional therapy starts at as early an age as possible. At Pediatric Speech-Language Services, we create a personalized therapy plan by combining several tested and proven techniques: Nancy Kaufman's praxis approach and Beckman's oral motor approach. We are happy to discuss these approaches with you and how we can use them to benefit your child.

Feeding Disorders

Feeding disorders include problems gathering food and getting ready to suck, chew, or swallow it. For example, a child who cannot pick up food and get it to her mouth or cannot completely close her lips to keep food from falling out of her mouth may have a feeding disorder.

Oral Motor Disorders

Oral-motor refers to the use and function of the muscles of the face (lips, tongue, and jaw). When chewing and swallowing, children need to have the right amount of strength, range of motion, and coordination. When a child has limited movement, coordination, and/or strength of the lips, tongue and/or jaw, eating can be difficult.

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